FRITE is French for FRY, and SUPER stands for the freshest, hottest, most irresistible French fries you can imagine, and then some.

Welcome to SUPER FRITE, the restaurant chain in malls and shopping centres across Quebec with a great fast food menu featuring fresh French fries. And at SUPER FRITE, fresh means more than never frozen. It means home-grown from a unique variety of potatoes called Shepody, guaranteed to make you come back for more. We can say that because we go through about 2 million pounds of them a year. That's a lot of satisfied customers.

Here's another super aspect. What works for our fries works for other ingredients. We buy local, we buy fresh and we develop products such as special breads with our suppliers. All so you can count on a really tasty breakfast, lunch, supper or snack, and a warm welcome. See you soon!

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