About Us

SUPER FRITE started in 1990 with six restaurants in rural Québec, birthplace of the poutine and home of arguably the best French fries in the world. The founding principles were to:

 • Be as consistent as the big American chains when it comes to the type of location, the menu, cleanliness and courtesy

 • Stand out for one irresistible product: super fries made from fresh, locally grown potatoes unique to Quebec

 • contribute to the Quebec economy, among other things through smart franchising opportunities

 • grow throughout the province and eventually bring the super taste of a Quebec tradition to our neighbours The chain quickly expanded to Québec City and the Saguenay/Lac Saint-Jean region before taking on the province's biggest and most cosmopolitan centre, Montreal. By 2003, SUPER FRITE had 30 locations in Quebec's most frequented malls and shopping centres. It was time for renewal. SUPER FRITE sold a number of its locations to A&W and joined forces with another Quebec success story, Place Tevere. Place Tevere not only has widespread locations in malls and shopping centres throughout Quebec, Ontario and Alberta, it shares the same values as SUPER FRITE. This is good news for lovers of fine fast food. And for anyone interested in franchise opportunities, this is super news.